Mahabaleshwar picnic point

Mahabaleshwar is beautiful & serene place, This is famous for magnificent lushness, stunning waterfalls and tourist viewpoints, hills, waterfall, lake, river among the most visited destinations in country. Nature lovers & Adventure seekers have a special attraction towards Mahabaleshwar. The lure of enchanting mountain peaks, wonderful deep valleys and ubiquitous green roofs makes it a must visit place in the summer. Mahabaleshwar is one of the most tourist attraction places in india.

Mahabaleshwar is famous for its lush strawberries, lush evergreen forests, air climate & scenic views, Mahabaleshwar is the most popular hill station in the Sahyadri mountain range. This greenery is a paradise for tourist in the Western Ghats. Pratapgarh fort and ancient temples attract tourists from all over the world. Holiday destinations in the state are in high demand due to the fragrant climate and relaxed atmosphere of Mahabaleshwar tourism.

The beautiful surroundings, lakes and waterfalls around mahabaleshwar make it a perfect place for a romantic gateway. The natural grandeur of this hill station can be found at Arthur Seat, Elephants Head Point, Babington Point, Lodwick Point and Wilson Point are popular tourist picnic spot in mahabaleshwar.

Popular picnic points in Mahabaleshwar

1. Arthur’s Seat

Arthur's Seat Point is located at 1470 meters above sea level. It is the most famous view point of Mahabaleshwar. Arthur Seat is also known as the "Queen of Points". Originally known as Madhi Mahal, the point offers an enchanting view of the Savitri River on the left and the dense forests of "Brahma Aranya" on the right. You can reach the point after a 30 minute trek from the parking lot and on your way up will cover Tiger Sprint Point, Hunter Point, Echo Point, Window Point and Malcolm Point.

It is one of the most famous picnic spot in mahabaleshwar viewpoints for its dramatic grand canyon like views. Arthur Seat is famous for floating of light objects. If one can throw light things like cold drink cap in the valley, it comes up again due to air pressure. Arthur Seat Point offers breathtaking views of the Mahabaleshwar Range, including Pratapgad, Koleshwar, Rayareshwar and Chandragad.

2. Elephant’s Head Point

Elephant’s Head Point shaped like an elephant's head and trunk and is the best place in Mahabaleshwar to offer a panoramic view of the calm valley and surrounding mountains. You can enjoy a relaxing sunrise or sunset over this amazing view of Mahabaleshwar. The place experiences extreme weather from zero in summer to green in the rainy season. As well as being a popular picnic spot, it is a paradise for nature lovers. From this point, tourists can also get a view of the Sahyadri mountain range.

3. Mapro Garden

Mapro Garden is a beautiful garden that is popular for the cultivation of delicious strawberries. In addition to fresh and delicious strawberry shakes, ice cream and salads, the park's chocolate factory is a major tourist attraction in Mahabaleshar. You can also buy fresh strawberries and strawberry products such as jams, marmalades, syrups & crushes. Between March & April, the Strawberry Festival is organized by Mapro to promote strawberry cultivation. The green garden has a restaurant, nursery and children's play area which makes it a perfect place to spend your day with family & kids.

4. Mahabaleshwar Temple

Mahabaleshwar Temple is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva, located at a distance of about 6Km from Mahabaleshwar. This Hindu temple is a symbol of Maratha heritage. The temple was built in the 16th century during the rule of Chanda Rao More. The architecture of this temple is Hemadanta style. This temple is called Dakshina Kashi. The local peoples describe the raised platform in the temple where the Maratha king Shivaji Maharaj weighed his mother Jijabai with gold which was donated for charity.

5. Lingmala Waterfall

Lingamala Falls is at a distance of 6k from Mahabaleshwar. There are two amazing waterfalls at the scene. The main waterfall is 600 feet high and the mini waterfall which is only 30 minutes away. Each waterfall offers breathtaking beauty in a green environment. Mini waterfall is a great place to splash, swim & spend time in nature with family. The natural splendor of the main waterfall is breathtaking although it is not safe to swim. Adventure lovers can trek to the main waterfall.

6. Venna Lake

Venna Lake is one of the most famous picnic points in Mahabaleshwar and tourists can visit this place all year round. You can enjoy a variety of activities here, including boating, horseback riding, photography and digging into delicious local street food. Venna Lake is a man made lake just 2 km from Mahabaleshwar. The lake was built in 1842 during the rule of Shri Appasaheb Maharaj to provide regular water supply to the nearby town. The lake was constructed in 28 acres this places is most visited places in mahabaleshwar. The lake is surrounded by tall trees that add an element of tranquility to the otherwise moving waters.

7. Elphinstone Point

Elphinstone Point is one of the most beautiful views of Mahabaleshwar. It is about 3 km from Arthur Seat Point and Pratapgad fort on the left has an amazing view of the Koyna valley and the surrounding lush green nature. It is an amazing place about 2500 feet above the Koyna valley. The place is named after a British governor who discovered it. An old castle was also found at this place but it was not in a condition to be restored. During the visit here you can enjoy the wonderful views of the mountains and spend your day happily surrounded by the nature of Mahabaleshwar.

8. Pratapgarh Fort

Pratapgad fort is a major historical tourist destination in Maharashtra near Mahabaleshwar. This fort is located in Satara district. The fort is built at a distance of about 3500 feet from the ground. Its construction started by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1650 and was completed in 1656. The fort has four lakes, a watchtower, a cultural library and a Bhavani temple at the top. Pratapgarh fort played an important role in the battle of “Swarajya” and helped the Maratha Empire to prosper. In 1957, a 17 feet high statue of Shivaji Maharaj was erected on the fort to honor the Maratha warrior king. The fort is full of tourists throughout the year. On this fort that Shivaji Maharaj killed Afzal Khan who was Sardar of Bijapur.

Above are popular picnic points in Mahabaleshwar. there are some more tourist spots are available near Mahabaleshwar those are as follows.

  • Krishnabai Temple
  • Panch Ganga Temple
  • Wilson Point
  • Bombay Point
  • Chinaman’s Falls
  • Dhobi Waterfall
  • Helen’s Point
  • Connaught Peak
  • Lodwick Point
  • Rajpuri Caves
  • Babington Point
  • Tableland
  • Parsi Point
  • Velocity Entertainmentz
  • On Wheelz
  • Kate’s Point
  • Tapola
  • table Land
  • Panchgani